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I Design
Digital Space.

My name is Niv Zatlawi. I’m a 26 years old graphic designer. I specialize in creating digital interfaces: Everything that interacts with a screen. From desktop/mobile applications to websites. My goal is to give the user the best experience on all platforms. Simplicity and esthetics merged to create the most intuitive interaction with the product. Watching ideas grow into real practical products is my favorite part of the work.


Comprehending and analyzing the product.
Making sure all requirements are met and the purpose is well executed.
Brainstorming and prototyping are the means.


Combining all the information we collected and
making it come alive into an intuitive and beautiful interface.
The design suits directly the desire of the client.   


The experience of the product as
a whole. From the interface itself to the content of the pages.
All elements fits and compliment each other.


Graphic guidelines. Optimized for both web and print.
Identity logos, presentations, documents, business cards,
letterheads and more.

I started working with Photoshop as a child. Gradually, it became my profession.
In the past 7 years, I have focused on UI/UX. When I'm off work, I enjoy spending time in Nature. Walking the forests near my home with my friends and our dogs. Humans cook coffee while the dogs run around.

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